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Clan Macfie

For 350 years Clan Macfie was a 'broken clan' until Dr. Earle Douglas MacPhee of Vancouver, BC, Canada, began its revival in 1973. In 1981 he was appointed Clan Commander (or Ceann Cath) by the Lord Lyon of Scotland. No direct descendant of the last chief could be traced and a clan without an hereditary chief may be headed by a Commander during the vacancy of the chieftainship.

Earle MacPhee died in 1982. A second Clan Commander, Alexander (Sandy) McPhie of Queensland, Australia was nominated by the Armigers of Clan Macfie. Sandy McPhie was Clan Commander from 1989-2008. Iain McFie from Kincraig in Scotland is now our Clan Commander.

Since 1973 there has been an International Clan Parliament every four years. In 1993 the Clan gathered on Colonsay – for the first time since the murder of Malcolm, the last clan chief, in 1623. Visit the Clan Macfie website for more information.

If you want to chat to Macfies and post photos videos etc online why not visit the Official Clan Facebook page.

The Clan Macfie Society

The Clan Macfie Society was established in Scotland in 1977. We welcome members from all over the British Isles, Eire, Europe and the rest of the world.

Members meet regularly about three times a year, north and south of the border. About 20 members usually attend, which allows new members to feel at home almost immediately.

You can qualify for membership by name, descent, marriage or adoption. The many recognised Clan Macfie surnames include (with or without the Mac/Mc prefix):-

Afee(ie), Cathey(ie),Coffee, Duffy(ie), Fee(agh), Guffy(ie), Haffy(ie), Phee(ie),Vee(ie).

Those who are family or friends of members or can demonstrate an interest in Clan Macfie or the Clan Macfie Society, can also apply for membership to the President of the Society, via the Membership Secretary.

The 'home' Society has strong links with the Clan MacFie/MacDuffie/MacPhee Societies in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

Join the Clan Macfie Society

This is an evolving front page for the clanmacfie website project. At present there are a few working links across the top of the page to give an idea of what is possible. I hope over the coming months that the site will start to fill out and become a useful resource for the society.

Update: The blether blog has been removed due to lack of interest, no one has posted an article since September 2008. In future of you want to chat with other macfies why not use the Official Clan Facebook page, linked to above.

I while ago I created a "statement of intent" published in the Galley describing how I thought the website might be of benefit to the society. I thought it might be useful to post it here for consideration: Why have a website?

In the meantime please send any thoughts and ideas to me at:


Robin McFee


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